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It's not just about making money We share value


Our vision is to to encourage people to live a more mindful lifestyle, with everyone truly appreciating and caring for the world around them. We add values to each decision and advice we make for the positive effect to the outcomes at the end.

We believe small acts could make a difference when we find a meaning way to deliver our message into them. This became our guideline for our commitment we put in our services. We provide at least an equal or higher standard of service to our guests, share our professional experience and commit a transparent information delivery.

At Skyline Holdings, we are proud of our professionals yet deliberated culture with a healthy work environment, inspiration, innovation and empowering. We cultivate a team camaraderie like no other, where people feel appreciated and supported.


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Eskept is a travel management company (TMC) based in Saigon, Vietnam. It is an end-to-end solution for individuals or small groups whether they travel for business or leisure purpose. In other aspect, MICE and events have significant contribution in the credibility of Eskept as a professional organizer.


Real estate is considered the hurdle investment in the portfolio of most of investor. SkyReal comes with an aim to provide distinct value to the owner (seller) and the investor (buyer). It commits to advertise real content (images & information) and only accept property with clear and valid legal documents

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Skyline Hospitality gave its first services in 2015 as a DMC (destination management company) before transferring to Eskept and developed its core services in consulting independent properties and provide GSA service for 3 to 5 star hotels and resorts to assist owners walk through their difficulties. We help to connect perspectives of investor to hospitality concept for it being a unique service industry.



Each employee's journey is unique. We create distinct paths which fits to the needs and wants of our staffs for their self-growth and work satisfaction. They are inspired to be themselves to make a difference, have equal opportunity and free to make positive impact to be recognised and rewarded.

While making competitive return to our clients, we grow to be a responsible business by taking a strategic, long-term approach to responsible investing in order to create sustainable value for our company, our stakeholders, and the wider community, not just in an economic sense.

We have a strong commitment to doing business with integrity. In everything we do, we want to be transparent and honest with our stakeholders. Our core values contain "respect, conscience, prepare and balance" which ensure our employees to act in the same manner and do things right.

We have closed partnership with other "natural" suppliers to provide safe & high quality to our customers. "Stay Green" is a special program we developed for our hospitality business sector as it is essential in every concept to the investor.

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